Welcome to the Loire Valley branch of ESU France

- Our Mission-

The English-Speaking Union, or ESU, is a charity committed to creating international understanding through the English language.

The unprecedented expansion in the use of English has accompanied changes throughout the world, in particular the arrival of the global economy and the spread of the internet.  These and other factors have combined to make English indispensable to the world.

OUR MISSION: To empower young people from all backgrounds worldwide, particularly the more disadvantaged, through the promotion of oracy, public speaking and debating programmes, in order to create a fairer and more tolerant world in which every voice can be heard, understood and respected.

- Our Vision -

The ESU is a non-political organisation, working with people regardless of nationality and background, from all walks of life.  By building skills and confidence in communication, we give individuals the opportunity to realise their full potential.

OUR VISION: To provide people worldwide with communications skills, confidence and opportunities to engage in an exchange of ideas and opinions.  We strive towards a universal understanding that good communication and cultural exchange are essential to individual, community and global development.

- International links –

During its 100 year history the ESU has provided scholarships, bursaries and exchange opportunities for English-speakers around the globe, at the same time promoting the skills of public oratory and debating to school and university students worldwide.

The original ties between Great Britain, the United States of America and the Commonwealth countries have, in recent decades, been extended world-wide.  We raise funds for our education programmes through our members, alumni and corporate supporters

- Our international branches –

The ESU has branches throughout the UK and currently in 54 countries worldwide.  Our headquarters at Dartmouth House in Mayfair, London, has become known as a centre of excellence for open dialogue and respect for all opinions.

A full list of member countries can be found on the main ESU website. Simply click the continent you are looking for under ‘Show Me’ at the top of the page: https://www.esu.org/international-network/

In France there are currently branches in Bordeaux, in Paris and in Strasbourg as well as in the Loire Valley.

- The Loire Valley branch –

Our branch shares the vision of the ESU both through the commitment of individual members and collectively by sending candidates to London every year to take part in the ESU International Public Speaking Competition.

- Our Social activities –

The Loire Valley branch also organises social events throughout the year, including talks, visits, barbecues, quizzes and treasure hunts that help non-English speakers to become familiar with English language.

These events are held at monthly intervals at a variety of different locations within the area; guests and non-members are welcome.

You can also come to any event as a non-member for a “taster” (paying the guest rate if applicable) to see what goes on before you decide to join. Please send a message via the Contact Us page if you would like to do this, so we know to include you in any numbers that we may have to provide to the organisers of the event. Check out our What’s On page to see upcoming events, both here in France and further afield.

Please note that although all of our events are conducted in English, we do not provide lessons or classes in English.  We would direct you to the Bibliothèque Anglophone English-Language Library Angers for this.