Treasure Hunt

7th September 2019

Irene Small

The treasure hunt 2019 which was organised once more by Terence O’Hara, started in the car park of the Hyper-U in Mûrs-Erigné. Twenty-eight people participated. The weather was changeable with sun and clouds but with a pleasant temperature.

The route went from Mûrs-Erigné to Denée, Rochefort-sur-Loire, St-Aubin-de-Luigné, Chaudefonds-sur-Layon, Béhuard, Savennières before finishing at the restaurant in St-Jean-de-Linières. We passed through some beautiful villages with lots of vineyards which might need further investigation at a future date! Some of the clues as usual were obscure which resulted in many discussions. Our car must have had the best driving because as an experienced team, we were all paranoid that Terence was hiding behind hedges, trying to catch people out if not signalling, not paying attention to speed limits, etc.

Everyone arrived at the restaurant on time with no stragglers even though one group of participants managed to get onto the ‘péage’ resulting in them driving to the Atoll before they could get off. Knowing one of the ladies in the car has a penchant for shoes one has to ask oneself – were the sales still on?

We were joined by more members and friends at the restaurant. A total of thirty-five enjoyed an excellent meal at the “Auberge de la Roche”, St-Jean-de-Linières. The restaurant is definitely worth another visit. The winners with 17 ½ points were Roy and Yolande Powell together with Annie Guellaff and Michel Cartillier. A big thank you goes to Terence O’Hara for his organisation and also to Dorothy Morison for assisting him with marking the papers.