May Day Walk

Mme Helen Bye

We were very lucky with the weather - May Day dawned cold but bright and 29 of us, plus one dog, arrived at the church in Louerre for one of Tony Oakley’s famous walks.

We set off along the road but were soon diverted by our leader into the forest paths. It had rained the previous day so there were many puddles to negotiate; the challenge was to get round the puddles without getting caught up on the gorse bushes. Young Maxime led the way suitably attired in wellies.

We walked through glorious countryside, richly green through paths lined with cowslips, bluebells and the odd wild orchid. We arrived at the ancient Tour Beauregard, built long ago by a previous mayor, commanding a superb view of the surrounding countryside. There were 77 steps to negotiate and a few brave souls climbed up to enjoy the view. Rosie the dog was spotted looking out of the top window.

We returned to the village, where Tony had found an area with picnic benches to enjoy our lunch. There we found 9 other ESU members who had come to join us. Much food and wine was passed around and a lot of homemade delights, both English and French, were sampled. Brendan had difficulty topping up the Chairman’s glass as she kept moving from table to table to chat to everyone.

Later France’s famous pétanque players, led by Annie, held a friendly competition.

A very sociable and enjoyable day was had by all. We look forward to another Tony walk in October.