Visit to Brissac Quincé

Christine Rutherford

Thursday 12th March, sixteen members and guests met at midday for a meal at the restaurant “L’Ardoise” in Brissac Quincé. Of course, there were no handshakes, no cheek-to-cheek kissing, just a few awkward elbow bumps, nods and smiles!

From the road, our chosen meeting place looks like an épicerie but behind the shop is a very nice little restaurant. The owner spent several years in New Zealand so he welcomed us with a perfect English accent! All the pictures hanging on the wall are ones he took during his stay there and the glasses are engraved with kiwis, a bird native to New Zealand.

So, we were off to a good start. The food was delicious and copious. By the time dessert was served, nobody was hungry anymore but the tarte tatin and the chocolate mousse were so tempting that we all enjoyed it!

After the meal a visit to the Pasquier factory had been planned, but of course, had been cancelled because of the infamous Coronavirus. Fortunately, Roy Powell had organised in its place a visit of the château in Brissac, the highest château in the Loire valley.

It was a real privilege for us as the Marquise herself was our guide and, as she lives there, she had lots of anecdotes to tell. She is herself a Hungarian Countess. She was brought up in Austria and her English is excellent, so it was a real pleasure.

Although unable to visit the two hundred and four rooms in the château, we saw the theatre, the chapel, the King’s room (Louis 13th). It was indeed a very interesting visit.

It was good to enjoy a day out together, especially as who knows when we will be able to do it again?