Annual Quiz and Photographic Competition

A great deal of fun was had by the thirty-seven members and friends who were present for the first meeting of the year, 11th January 2020, at the Relais d’Orgement in Angers for the branch annual quiz and photographic competition.

It is not usual practice at our meetings to allocate places at table, but the quiz is an exception in order to ensure a mix of nationalities on each table. The organiser, our treasurer, Roy Powell, makes sure that all teams have the best possible chance when answering questions relating to both sides of the channel as well as to general world knowledge. Each team of four or five was named after a local town.

Whilst enjoying an aperitif together before settling down to tax our brain cells, everyone present was invited to cast votes in the photographic competition. This competition is organized annually in January to select four photographs or paintings that will appear on our website and Facebook page over the year. There were a record number of excellent entries this year and it was very difficult to select our favourites amongst them. The winner 2020 was a new member, Alison Morton, with her photograph of the ‘Loire in Winter’. Maureen, Steve and Yolande were close runners-up.

Between each course of an excellent meal, each team tackled a question paper. Questions covered subjects such as entertainment, general knowledge, abbreviations of common names, identifying images, etc. Inevitably noise levels rose, particularly when the correct answers were revealed. Dealing with this, Roy was ably assisted by Terry Orner, who managed somehow to control the inevitable questions, haggling and arguing over the allocation of marks.

Our congratulations to the winning team, ‘Montreuil Bellay’: Christine Chatry, Judith and Terence O’Hara, Jean-Paul Paitrault and Jackie Sheppard, who each received a bottle of fizz in recognition of their achievement.

A most enjoyable afternoon passed all too quickly. Our thanks go to Roy for his work preparing and compering the quiz, to Terry for assisting him, and to Jackie for organizing the photographic competition. Thank you too, to everyone present for contributing to the fun and enjoyment had by all.