Lunch, Quiz and Photographic Competition

Mme Patricia Curd

A lot of noise, a lot of good food and a lot of fun. These three things sum up the meeting 17th February when thirty-six members and friends gathered at the restaurant “Le Petit Blaison” for a meal accompanied by a quiz and our annual photographic competition.

It was certainly noisy. There were seven tables made up each of four or five people arguing about answers to questions that ranged from riddles to historical facts and included a ‘cheese’ course which required the contestants to identify samples of four different cheeses. One sheet of questions asked for French or English equivalents to well-known proverbs in both languages. Our quiz master, Roy Powell, had prepared a seating plan in order to ensure a mixture of nationalities at every table. From time to time a welcome hush would fall following a loud “Shush” as someone, in the excitement of the moment, had just announced a correct answer to the entire room.

Our thanks to the proprietors of the restaurant. Normally closed during the winter months, they opened especially for our group. The food was delicious. The surroundings were friendly and perfect for the occasion.

There were twenty entries for the photographic competition which was won this year by Michael Sargant with his colourful photograph of “Le Port de L’Ile, Angers”. The photo reminded us all that before too long the long summer days will be here once more. In joint second place were photos by Martine Cosson and Yolande Powell. Martine’s photo portrayed hot air balloons over Plessis-Bourré and Yolande’s was a black and white photo of the “River Thouet in Saumur” in wintertime, showing bare trees reflected in the water. Another photo by Yolande was chosen in fourth place. “Mimosa and Saumur Château” depicts the castle framed in yellow mimosa blossom. These four photographs will feature during 2018 on both our website and on our Facebook page.

Inevitably there was more arguing when the answers to the quiz questions were announced. However our quiz master stood his ground and eventually the winning team was declared. Our congratulations to Peter Beech, Brendon Bye, Tony Oakley, Yolande Powell and Christine Rutherford who each received a bottle of Ackerman “bubbly”.

Our thanks go to Roy for his work preparing and compering the quiz and to Jackie for assisting him and for organizing the photographic competition. A special thank-you to Teddy from Kansas City who, at the end of each round of the quiz, joined the leading team before finally settling down to enjoy a glass with the winners.

Thank you to the committee for organizing such an enjoyable afternoon.