Summer Hog Roast

Patricia Curd

Despite the threat of rain, sixty two members and guests assembled for our fourth annual Hog Roast in the beautiful gardens of our Vice President Julie and her partner Gilles.

Normally at this time of the year we are seeking shade from the heat of the sun but today we were all hoping the rain would hold off for at least a few hours. The cooking of the pork had started at 6.30am, an early start for both Sebastien and Tim, our caterers for the day, and also for Julie and Gilles! Several guests were joining us for their first ESU event and there was much socialising over the aperitifs.

An entrée of melon and port was served whilst the pork was being carved and shortly afterwards each table was invited to serve themselves to the delicious meat. This was accompanied by a sauce which Sebastien had prepared the day before and involved some 10 kilo of onions, 10 kilo of shallots, 10 kilo of tomatoes together with mushrooms and various spices. In addition there were savoury beans and even some crackling for our English members! At this stage the sun came out and we were all grateful for the lovely shade provided in the garden.

A ‘bottle’ themed raffle was held with many prizes donated by members and guests which completed the afternoon and helped to raise ESU funds. During the raffle, a selection of cheese was served and this was followed by a dessert of individual fruit tarts.

We all congratulated ourselves on enjoying a wonderful afternoon as the rain had still not arrived. A gift for their garden was presented to Julie and Gilles with our grateful thanks for inviting us to their beautiful garden once again. As members and guests drifted away, everyone said how much they had enjoyed the afternoon. Then finally, down came the rain!