Annual General Meeting

Mme Patricia Curd

There were 35 members present at this year’s AGM which took place on the 21st April at the restaurant of the Hôtel du Parc to the north of Saumur. Apologies had been received from a further 20 members.

The Chairman, Patricia Curd, welcomed all those present and thanked them for their continued support for the committee, the association and its aims. She then spoke of the international ESU events that had taken place during the past 12 months, including the International Council Meeting in Lisbon which she had attended in September 2017 and the celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of ESU France in Paris at which the branch was represented by 10 of our members in February.

This year, the centenary celebrations, the IPSC and the International Council Meeting will all take place in London during the week 14th – 18th May. Patricia will be one of the two delegates from France at the ICM.

She thanked all those who have contributed to the success of our events during the past year, in particular the committee members who work hard to ensure the smooth running of the association.

Our Secretary, Jackie Sheppard, reported that at the end of 2017 our membership reached a record figure of 85 members and that the percentage of French members now stands at 40% as opposed to 26% in 2014. British members account for 52% and other nationalities 8%. Jackie gave a résumé of the events organised throughout the year together with attendance figures.

Roy Powell, the Treasurer, presented his report and displayed the balance sheets. On the recommendation of the Auditor, the members unanimously agreed the accounts.

It was a warm sunny day and following the closure of the meeting members were able to enjoy an aperitif on the terrace outside the restaurant before sitting down indoors to enjoy lunch together. There was plenty to discuss over an excellent meal in very pleasant surroundings. Members had listened attentively during the morning’s meeting but made up for lost time over lunch and the chatter became louder and louder. The sun was shining; the food was good; the company was excellent and all too soon it was time to go our separate ways.