Visit to the airport of Angers-Loire

Susan Morgan

On Saturday 19th in bright, windy March weather, a large group gathered at the airport restaurant. We were joined by M. Stagnaro, the airport manager, for a sociable and enjoyable lunch.

Afterwards we visited the viewing lounge of the airport, where we saw one small private jet take off. The airport really gets going after Easter since summer is its main season.

Our next venue was the airport museum. Apparently a small building, it seemed to be packed with all types of small historic aircraft.

As well as looking after planes, they have a workshop where planes are restored and repaired, sometimes to the state where they can once again be flown. Also, one could see the few sad remnants of aircraft, recovered from the ground after having been shot down near the Loire during the Second World War. The museum also houses the Rene Gasnier no 111, which first flew in the Angers area in 1908. It is said to be one of the oldest planes still in existence.