A Post Referendum Party

Mme Susan Morgan

On June 25th, Irene and Mike Small welcomed a group of forty-three members and their guests to their charming home. We were pleased to be joined by four new members and four returning ones. This was a post referendum party, but it was clear that many of us expected a different result than the one which had greeted everyone in the early hours of Friday 24th June.

However, we were able to enjoy relaxing in the Small’s attractive garden listening to the music of Jazz, Swing and Co. This band, from Cholet, had rehearsed Chattanooga Chou Chou at the request of Terence, and this was duly performed by the band, accompanied by an ESU group brought together for the occasion. We took advantage of the long midsummer evening, and sat listening to the music, chatting to one another, and enjoying a buffet supper.

We took our leave feeling that the sun had shone on our soiree, no matter what the ballot box had produced.

Very many thanks to Irene and Mike for their hospitality, as ever, so welcoming. Thanks are also due to members of the committee who organised the buffet and arranged for the band.