Tour de France

The morning of Tuesday 5 July marked the start of the fourth leg of the Tour de France from Saumur to Limoges. As anticipated, several members took the opportunity to visit Saumur to witness the celebrations leading up to the cyclists’ departure from Distré at 11h30. Fourteen members and friends then made their way to the Protestant Temple in the Place de l’Arche Dorée in order to enjoy a picnic lunch in the garden and swap the morning’s experiences.

Only the early birds among us managed to catch the publicity caravan which left the town at 9h10. The cyclists left the Military School at 11h20 behind the tour caravan. Most of us had been able to see this procession through the town, albeit from a variety of vantage points along the route. All agreed that we had had a rare opportunity to distinguish the competitors as generally, after hours of waiting, the cyclists pass in a flash of colour and all is over. In comparison this was a leisurely pace: the cyclists were travelling at just 25 km per hour.

After a convivial lunch together we were able to visit the church interior before heading home. We are most grateful to the Pastor and the council of the Temple for allowing us to use the garden and facilities of such a historic building in a really central location.

Our thanks also to the Saumur Kiosque for the photos of the Tour.