The Annual Barbeque

Patricia Curd

Philippe de Nombel was host to the annual barbecue, which was attended by a total of fifty-three members and friends along with their families including children and grandchildren. The weather was perfect and not too hot nor too cold or windy for the gathering to eat outside out on the lawn and admire Philippe’s lovely garden whilst socialising with friends.

Three chefs worked hard at the barbecues. Committee members had shopped and prepared salads and desserts to ensure no-one went home hungry or thirsty.

There was plenty of opportunity to explore the garden and admire Philippe’s interesting collection of plants. Pathways led among the unusual trees and shrubs he has planted during the years he has spent at the property. We were able to visit the little theatre in the grounds and hear about the entertainment enjoyed there by some of our members in the past. In the school room it was impossible not to feel the presence of the young boys of St. Georges-sur-Layon who once struggled to learn their tables and to read and write within its walls.

It was especially good to welcome two or three former members to the gathering. We hope to see them again at future events.

On behalf of all present, a big “Thank You” is due to all who contributed to the success of the event.