AGM 2015

Before the start of the meeting, the President asked that everyone join together for a minute of silence in memory of the members and former members of the ESU Loire Valley who had lost their battles with illness during the past year.

The meeting opened at 6.45 hrs. The President welcomed Paul Holleley from the ESU Headquarters in London who would talk to the members later in the evening about his experiences working at Dartmouth House.

The President thanked the committee members for their trust and for their efforts in ensuring the smooth running of the Association. Her aims are to ensure that members enjoy the monthly events whilst continuing to support the vision of the ESU in general by supporting the IPSC, and by working with other associations.

The Bureau had been reformed in November since when the Internal Rules had been rewritten to accommodate the Associate Membership category and to redress some ambiguities. Copies were available for members at the meeting.

A full year of events has been planned including several talks and presentations, the May walk, a piano recital preceded by a picnic, a barbecue and boat trip, the treasure hunt and the Christmas lunch.

We have also finally arrived in the 21st century with a Facebook account which was set up and is being administered by the Vice-President.

The Secretary reported that membership at the end of 2014 reached 65 and to date 54 have renewed for the current year. We are fortunate to have members and Associate members from many different parts of the world and French members account for 26% of the total membership.

The Average attendance at the 13 events organised last year was 33.

Copies of the summary of accounts for 2014 were circulated and in the absence of the Treasurer, his report was read to members by the President.

The President thanked the Treasurer for preparing the accounts and invited questions.

The Auditor found the accounts to be in good order, well kept and showing a healthy surplus.

In a unanimous vote, two new committee members joined the committee: Chantal Bertrand and Roy Powell.

The meeting concluded at 8pm.

The President then introduced Paul Holleley who gave a brief presentation to members about his work within the ESU which involves education, debating and public speaking.

He stressed that participation was the key, together with networking. The IPSC provides a wonderful experience for all young people taking part and all participants are winners.

The evening concluded with a much appreciated finger buffet and a glass or two of Loire Valley wine.