The Forum des Associations

Patricia Curd

The English Speaking Union Loire Valley joined forces with the Bibliothèque Anglophone in Angers to present a stand at the Forum des Associations 2015 in Saumur on Saturday 12th September. This event takes place every two years at the exhibition centre at the Parc de Breil and provides an excellent opportunity for members of the public to discover what is available in the way of societies and clubs in the Saumur region.

The Forum des Associations 2015 was officially opened at 10am by BĂ©atrice Guillon, Deputy Mayor. Around 150 associations were present, representing a whole spectrum of interests, from leisure pursuits like sport, culture, crafts, and hobbies, to more serious subjects such as educational, environmental, health and social issues.

Over 150 associations were represented and despite somewhat inclement weather conditions, over 1,500 visitors toured the exhibition during the day.

For the ESU it was a great opportunity to interact with the public, to explain what we do and to establish new contacts, both with individuals who may be interested in joining us and with other societies who may in the future like to work with us to enrich our monthly events. We have extended our distribution list and may even have attracted some new members!