Visit to Doué la Fontaine, 7th June 2014
a change to the published programme

Mme Patricia Curd

Amongst the roses

The event “Chez les Bertrand” at Beaufort-en-Vallée due to take place 7th June 2014 unfortunately had to be cancelled at short notice as Chantal was called to Paris to her mother who had been taken to hospital following a fall.

It seemed a pity not to meet up as anticipated so plans were quickly put in place for an unofficial get together at the popular Euro-Routier restaurant, “Chez Paul” on the outskirts of Doué la Fontaine. On Saturday 7th, twenty seven members and friends gathered for a meal at the restaurant which is well known for the quality and choice of food it provides. The proprietors were welcoming; the food copious, and a good time was enjoyed by all.

Doué la Fontaine is renowned as a rose growing centre and June being the month for roses, some members then took the opportunity to drive the short distance to the Chemins de la Rose on the Route de Cholet just outside the town. Here, there are roses in abundance: in pots, in flower beds, over arbours and climbing high into tree tops. We were able to stroll around the park, admiring the flowers, comparing their colours, shapes and perfumes. The resident peacocks were mostly hidden away. We spotted just one or two of these beautiful though noisy birds strutting proudly around. One sharp eyed member spotted one high in a tree where he had evidently taken refuge from the visitors. However the abundance of roses made up for the lack of peacocks. Several members were inspired to purchase bushes and we look forward to visiting their rose gardens at a future date!