Mme Susan Morgan

On Saturday, the thirteenth December, a large party assembled for the annual Christmas lunch. We met, as usual, at St. Georges-des-Sept-Voies, in the restaurant La Sansonniére. We were welcomed by our President, Pat Curd, who said how good it was to see so many people present.

Our master of ceremonies, Mike Small, led us through an enjoyable programme of Christmas entertainment. First came the crackers, then we put on our party hats and swapped mottoes. While we sipped our crement, we listened to ‘Bon Appétit’ from Tim and John. Apparently, green vegetables and fresh fruit are provided by God, but the food that makes the cholesterol soar comes from Satan. However, despite this grim warning, we did not allow ourselves to be discouraged by these thoughts when lunch was served. Well, it was Christmas lunch.

Our next entertainment was ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ in which Lynn told us a tale of the catastrophic effects of rash present giving. Imagine having milkmaids with their cows, leaping lords, assorted birds, etc. in your home.

Next on the programme was the raffle, with so many prizes and tickets that it had to be split in two parts. It seemed as though everybody had won, and all must have a prize. Needless to say, it raised a goodly sum; 220 Euros for ESU funds. Thanks were offered to all those who had kindly donated prizes. Then, with Dominique leading the way, we found our voices and enjoyed the traditional Christmas carols, in French and English. Our final entertainment, over coffee and mince pies, was a surprise appearance of that great Christmas character, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; his face seemed familiar.

On behalf of us all, Mike Small thanked those whose efforts had made the lunch a success. We took our leave of each other, with the feeling that it had been an excellent opening to the Christmas festivities.