Wine Tasting with Lunch

Jackie Sheppard

A total of 31 enthusiastic members and guests arrived at the Lycée Hôtelier Sadi-Carnotin Saumur to take part in this event on the 18th October .

After a welcome by our President, Edith Prunier, Gaëtan Wehry introduced Aymard de la Poeze d’Harambure who, after a distinguished career with Hermès, dedicated himself to selling wines. For the last 15 years he has been a purveyor of fine wines to clients including embassies and prestigious law firms for large wine houses such as Louis-Latour in Bourgogne, Drappier & Vazart Coquart in the Champagne region and Château “La Grille” in Chinon. Aymard had selected wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Alsace and the Sadi Carnot had selected the menu for our four course lunch specifically to complement them. Before each course Aymard explained the individual properties of each wine and the reasoning behind his selection.

We started the lunch with an amuse bouche of wild mushrooms and to accompany this Aymard had selected a Riesling 2010 “Comte de Ribeauvillé”, one of the oldest of the Alsace wine producers. The entrée of salade tiède de lapereau was accompanied by a glass of Burgundy, Meursault rouge 2010 from Louis-Latour. Better known as a white wine, this rare red was a delight and also the most expensive on our tasting list!

Two white Bordeaux wines were served with the main course of salmon, a Château Chantegrive 2011 (Graves) and a Château Casse Spleen 2011 (Moulis en Médoc) which apparently is more often known as a red wine. The assiette de fromages was accompanied by a Bordeaux, La Salle de Château Poujeaux 2007, and finally to end a delightful meal, we were served crème brûlée accompanied by another white Bordeaux, Château de Cabidos 2007, Cuvée Comte Philippe. A question and answer session over coffee brought the afternoon to an end. Being fortunate to live in this delightful region we are all reasonably familiar with wine tasting but this was something far more special. To have had the opportunity to taste expertly selected wines with the superbly presented dishes that complemented them was an exceptional opportunity and one which we hope we shall be able to experience again.