The pleasures and Pains of Selling Abroad

Roy Powell

As midday approached 31 members and 11 guests converged on Breille les Pins last Saturday - a quaint village in the midst of the Anjou Touraine Forest - Regional Park - For many it was a pleasant discovery. We passed hunters, certainly hoping to catch a wild boar, or venison, yet we all arrived safely as the church clock struck noon. I should hazard a guess that all will remember both the entertaining and enlightening speech of André Limousin and the enjoyable meal prepared by Eric and Sabine Bichon, set out with round tables in delicate shades of green, was the chosen venue of the November meeting of ESU Loire valley. Even though a little further than our usual setting everyone agreed that the menu with aperitif, wine and coffee included was beautifully presented, appetising, hot and served rapidly by Sabine and her team. Someone must have told them there were some Brit's in the company - as there were even potatoes cooked in their jackets and seconds available.

Mme Edith Prunier, President, welcomed everyone and Mr André Limousin gave us a most interesting and informative talk on his work as an International Export Director, with two different local companies, within the region for the past thirty years. He shared with us the complexity of his mission not only in developing his company business and achieving his potential client’s confidence, throughout the world, but also following through all the fundamental logistical and administrative procedures that are indispensable to ensure the goods arrive on schedule.

Nov 23/1

His commitment, passion and expertise, in his work, were evident and we were held captivated throughout his presentation.

Nov 23/2

Nov 23/3

Nov 23/4

John Barritt, Vice-President gave the vote of thanks to the speaker and concluded our afternoon congratulating Lynn and John Turnbull for their arrangements of the meeting and Eric Bichon for the delicious food so carefully presented. All agreed that north of Saumur is a restaurant that gives tremendous value for money and can be added to the list of our future encounters. The difficulty is now for the restaurant "L’Auberge de la Sansonnière, St Georges–des-Sept Voies", venue of the next reunion on 14th December, to match the standard set at "L'Orée des Bois".

Great event, to lunch, learn and meet new folk - appreciated by all.