Treasure Hunt

Terence O'Hara

The sixth annual treasure hunt started in Doue le Fontaine at 16:00 on Saturday, 22nd September. The route was planned to explore the coteau du Layon, taking in various historic and prehistoric sites, such as the troglodyte dwellings. Twenty competitors distributed themselves between five cars; unexpectedly, the winner was the car with the smallest crew.

Tony Oakley and his crew, Nicole and John Barritt, were the first to leave and the last to finish; their devotion to the task was rewarded with a score that placed them well ahead of the rest of the field. Of the remainder, Lynn Turnbull's driving skills were nullified by her husband's navigational expertise, while the Powell squad, despite having five francophones in a small german car, failed to live up to expectations. Victor's Jaguar deserved a special prize for its elegance, but was unable to negotiate the pot holes in the lane leading to the restaurant; last but not least, Peter Clarke's squad failed to display the previous year's form, despite the assistance of his dog.

The event finished with an excellent meal at the Auberge de la Caverne Sculptee, thanks to the efforts of Judith O'Hara, who had negotiated the menus at a price that would be hard to beat, and to Nicole Barritt, who liaised with the restaurant staff to ensure that all the guests received the menus that they had ordered. In the absence in Italy of the President, Mme Edith Prunier, John Barritt, the vice-President, brought the evening to a close, thanking the organisers and reminding everyone of the future programme.