Quiz Lunch

Susan Darby

The annual quiz was fun, challenging, perplexing at times and full of bonhommie. Tim de Alwis, the quizmaster, took us through French and world related questions on history, geography, music and literature, and of course - wine.

The atmosphere at La Sansonniere, St Georges des Sept Voies was full of humour, furrowed brows, triumphant looks and all manner of visual expressions as the teams tried to unravel the mysteries of some of the questions.

The winning team of David Ash, Mike Small, Jean Prunier, at the back, and Geo Aouidad and Chantal Bertrand were assisted by their mascot Viktor.

We also ran a raffle which raised 93 euros, a welcome contribution to our funds.

The day was a perfect example of different nationalities joining together in friendship, and just a bit of competition!