Public Speaking in English

Peter Morgan

The French final of the Public Speaking in English was held at the Lycee Alfred Kastler in Bordeaux on March 22nd. The winners of the Loire valley debating event, Vincente Harmsen, Garance Chaslot and Montaine Morice, travelled down the previous day, accompanied by Susan Darby and Patricia and John Curd. Unfortunately, Phoebe Marshall-Raimbeau was unable to attend as she was entertaining the American Ambassador at the English-Language Library in Angers.

The students had to write and deliver a speech for five minutes on the theme of 'Wisdom of Youth'. Montaine, Vincente and Garance, all sixteen years old, delivered fine performances against three students from Bordeaux, thanks in part to the coaching that Patricia, John and Susan had given them over the past three weeks. Special congratulations are due to Montaine, who won this stage of the competition and will go forward to the International final in London in May, and to Vincente for this lively report.

Montaine Morice is shown here, fourth from the left, with John Curd, Vincente Harmsen, Garance Chaslot, Patricia Curd, Francois Belly (the President of ESU Bordeaux), Susan Darby (the Secretary of ESU Loire Valley), Frederique Deniaud (the Secretary of ESU Bordeaux) and the Treasurer ESU Bordeaux.