Annual Treasure Hunt

The annual Treasure Hunt provides a local tour to test powers of observation and to reveal various aspects of the local patrimony. The combination of puzzle and car rally proves to be popular year in and year out; the one held this year, on Saturday September 24th provided a very enjoyable day out. The Treasure Hunt is not a car rally in that there is no racing, but it does require some degree of urgency to get to the aperitifs in time.

the competitors The Treasure Hunt involved half a dozen cars, each with a crew of 2 to 4 members and friends. It was organized by Terence O'Hara who had successfully managed it a couple of times before, each time choosing a course over roads that few of us had ever seen before. This time the Treasure Hunt culminated this time in a pretty good meal at a most reasonable cost at a restaurant at Les Breilles les Pins.

The Treasure Hunt started in a lay-by near Allonnes just to the north east of Saumur where participants were given cryptic clues indicating where they were to search for the answers to the questions posed. Everyone spent the next three hours exploring, with varying degrees of success, the country lanes in an area bounded by Vernantes, Noyant and the border between Pays de Loire and Centre. Finally everyone congregated at the lake side for aperitifs at Le Vieux Chaudron restaurant, where the winners, Mike Small's team, received the habitual bottles of something, and thanks were extended to Terence for his well researched and efficiently run "rally".

Recent rallies have been held well to the East of the department, so it is perhaps time, next year, for one to be run nearer Angers to tempt even more members from there to participate.

Peter Clarke