Feb 19 - Quiz Lunch

Would you or, if you were there, did you know how many times Jesus is mentioned in the Koran or who developed the technique of DNA profiling?

At the quiz lunch on Saturday, many of us were scratching our heads over the answers to some of Tim's fiendishly difficult questions. During the course of an excellent meal at La Sansonniere, 5 teams battled it out in our, now annual, test of general knowledge. Lots of fun all round, even if accompanied by considerable frustration. The level was high and the scores really quite close though, once again, it was Maggie's team who took the honours, not to mention the 6 bottles of bubbly.

In addition we also judged the entries for the webpage competition. It is evident we have some talented artists and photographers amongst us as the standard was excellent. Jean Prunier's 'Debordements Ligeriens' received the most votes, followed by my own submission, 'Reflections in the Thouet', and Tim's 'Sunset on the Loire'. Look out for these over the next 12 months as they take their place on the home page.

A very successful event once again, thanks to Tim's efforts, and much enjoyed by everyone, even those who didn't have all the answers !

Joan Homer