Christmas Lunch

Suzanne Ewens

Our Christmas Lunch took place on 17th December at the Auberge de la Sansonniere, Saint Georges-des-Sept-Voies where 37 people gathered, including seven new members - five who are French and two English. While we were drinking our aperitif Edith Prunier, the President, welcomed everyone to the event.

Our special guest Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, who started the ESU in France, and of which she now the President, said how pleased she was to be with the ESU Loire Valley again and gave a short discourse on the work of the ESU worldwide and mentioned that she hoped very much to see a 5th ESU in France before the end of her lifetime.

During the enjoyable lunch that followed we were entertained between courses with humorous stories from John Curd and John Barritt and a sketch by Lynn and John Turnbull depicting why the comment 'kiss me Hardy', said by Admiral Nelson, would have been made if it had taken place with the European Union restrictions in place in their day. Beatrice de Alwis and Philippe de Nombel each performed a solo song. By this time we were all in the mood to sing a few Christmas Carols. Then it was time for the raffle to be drawn amid much hunting for tickets and the amount of 150 euros was raised, which will go towards our funds for the Scholarships.

After the judging of the photographic competition had taken place the first prize went to Tim de Alwis with 'Winter Floods' followed by Jean Prunier's 'Willow Trees' and two pictures by Joan Homer 'Winter Light Hour' and 'Sunset - St.Mathurin'. Once again you will be able to see these displayed on our website during next year.