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The next event will take place on Saturday 17th March 2018 when we will be joined by Jean-Claude Guais who has been involved in many aspects of the nuclear industry both in France and the United States.

He will present to us "The Many Faces of the Nuclear World" which will cover his time at the French Atomic Energy Commission as well as several years working in general management and strategy in the US branch of AREVA in Washington. He has also worked as an international consultant advising governments and industries on the political aspects of the nuclear industry and its impact on the environment, particularly in relation to greenhouse effect and climate change.

Please return the attendance slip and cheque before the deadline of Monday 12th March 2018 to Dorothy Morison, 5 rue Jean-Luc Rapado, 49350, Trèves - details and application form.

The subsequent events will be:
In addition, there will be celebrations to mark the centenary of the ESU in London, 14th – 16th May 2018. This event has been planned at the same time as the International Council Meeting and the International Public Speaking Competition.