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Forty members and friends of the ESU Loire Valley gathered at “La Gogane” restaurant to enjoy the annual pre-Christmas lunch together on Saturday, 3rd December 2016 - details.

Thirty-one members and guests gathered at Restaurant le Domaine de Presle for a delightful lunch and a brain-challenging afternoon organised by our Treasurer, Roy Powell - details.

In response to popular request, Tony Oakley organised an autumn walk, starting in Gennes and taking us up and down the surrounding hills - details.

The monthly meeting for October was held at “Le Buisson” restaurant in Trélazé near Angers. Those present were fortunate to have not just one speaker, but two, both linked by one common factor: they have both proved in very different ways that by sheer determination, it is possible to overcome difficulties and reach a personal goal - details.

Thirty-seven people in eleven cars in teams of two, three, or four set out from the car park in excellent Treasure Hunt weather. There was a good mix of French and English, with Italy, Canada and America also represented - details.

Forty-six members and friends gathered in the lovely garden of our Vice-President, Julie Dufour, and her husband, on Sunday 21st August for the annual barbecue - details

During the evening of 23 July 2016 the ESU Loire Valley joined forces with the English Language Library in Angers to celebrate the life and work of William Shakespeare and to mark the 400th anniversary of his death - details..

Tuesday 5 July marked the start of the 4th leg of the Tour de France from Saumur to Limoges, which was observed by the local population including various members - details.

On Saturday 25th June Michael and Irene Small held a garden party to "celebrate" the results of the exit referendum - details.

The IPSC is the highlight of the ESU international calendar. The French candidate was Brune Banaszuk from the Lycée St. Martin in Angers. Brune was selected by the judging panel at the national and regional finals in March and was one of the youngest competitors in London - details.

As in previous years, Tony Oakley guided the May Day walk, which took place around the village of Blaison Gohier this year - details.

A group of ESU members and friends congregated at Angers Loire Airport on the 19th March for lunch at "l'Envoi" restaurant. Lunch was followed by guided visits to the airport terminal and the airport museum - details.

The 2016 Public Speaking Competition was held in the Salons de la Présidence du Conseil Départmental in Angers on the 12th March. Eight finalists aged between 16 and 17 years delivered their five minute long speeches in English in front of an audience of around eighty parents, friends, teachers and invited guests. This year's winner was Brune Banaszuk, a pupil at the Lycée St. Martin in Angers - details.

Thirty-one members attended the AGM in the English Language Library on the 11th of March, and twenty-two apologies for absence were received; those attending included Mme Lucia Dumont, President of the International Council, ESU, and member of the ESU Paris branch. The AGM was followed by the photographic competition - details.

A group of thirty members, including eight new members, gathered at Ackerman's Caves in St Florent on February 20th, for a 'journey to the centre of the bubble.' We entered the impressive caves and heard about the history of the company, and of the wine making process - details.

The first meeting of 2016 took place at “La Grange” restaurant near Varennes-sur-Loire on 30 January when members and guests gathered to beat the January blues together over a convivial meal and to enjoy a talk by Michel Apchin, former mayor of Saumur, 2008 – 2014.

ESU Dartmouth House distributes a news letter covering current events. The current copy is available - here.

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