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The Christmas lunch at the Auberge de la Sansonniere on December 17th was combined with a competition for pictures to be used on the web page next year. The meal was enlivened by a medley of carols and other seasonal entertainments: read more.

The lunch on November 26th was to have been preceeded by talks by Alice Loiseau and Dr. Lionel Guillemot; in the event, Alice was unable to attend, so Susan Darby had to present Alice's report on her visit to the Globe Theatre. Alice's report was followed by Lionel's paper on 'The ups and downs of expatriate communities in France' in which he discussed global migrations, reminding us that migration could be thought of as natural to the human race. After the presentations everyone sat down for a pleasant lunch and a chance to chat with other members: read more.

The Treasure Hunt has become the traditional end to the summer season. This year's event on September 24th finished the season in fine style, with an intriguing set of challenges rounded off by a good meal: read more.

The barbecue on July 7th went very well and everyone had excellent day, despite having to dodge occasional showers. A big thank you goes to Mike and Irene Small for hosting the event. Read more.

Our May meeting found us once more at La Menitre where, perhaps appropriately, things were a little late getting off the launch-pad. Fuelled with an aperitif, however, we eventually had the signal and seated ourselves for lift-off: read more.

April's meeting was held at La Toque Blanche, Les Rosiers sur Loire, on the evening of April 14th. The speaker was Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archive Centre at Cambridge and a Fellow of Churchill College, who was accompanied by his wife and his two young daughters. The meeting was attended by 29 members and guests who enjoyed a stimulating presentation on aspects of Winston Churchill's life, followed by an excellent dinner: read more.

A dinner party was held on the 19th March at the Auberge de la Abbaye, Le Menitre. At this party, Mr Ben Cramer, a political researcher based in Paris, spoke about the impact of global warming on security. The topic is very extensive but in the time available he introduced us to the problems of global warming and nuclear matters, and the long term impact on humanity including natural disasters like we have seen in Japan.

On the 19th February, our quiz master, Tim de Alwis, organised a good lunch and a challenging quiz. During lunch, five teams struggled to answer questions on General Knowledge. There was also a competition for sketches or photos to be displayed on the home page of the web site: read more.

On the 20th January 2011 the English Language Library, Angers, played host to the branch's Annual General Meeting. A report of the meeting is provided here, while the new committee is listed on the Committee page.